Medton Ltd.


Technological hearing center in Israel.


Medton company was established in 1975 by Mr.Yzhak Davidovich.


Since its establishment the company provides hearing solutions to every person aspiring to improve his life quality in general, and his hearing quality in particular, and became an optimal, professional and available solution address.


Medton Ltd is an exclusive importer of Oticon hearing aids, Denmark, the first company in the world for hearing solutions, which is active since the year 1904.


Oticon company has its own research and development center the only one of its kind in the world. Oticon company is the first and only company in the world which has launched hearind aids combining artifitial inteligence inspired by the human brain.


In Medton you will find the most advanced technologies in the world in hearing solutions field, for all ages and for all hearing loss types.


Today you can visit one of our advanced hearing clinics and receive the best service from the most professional audiologists in Israel.


HMO members will also be able to receive high technology hearing aids in one of our branches , and in some cases will have their hearing right from the first visit, without waiting for months.


Medton Ltd is being constantly monitored by HMOs and by the Ministry of Health, and has been chosen by Clalit and Leumit as a hearing aids supplier. In addition, Medton company is and authorized hearing aids provider for the Ministry of Defence.


Medton provides its services also for HMOs Maccabi and Meuhedet.


In Medton you can try a variety of hearing accessories for assistance and support for everyday different situations in order to significantly improve your comunication even without the hearing aid.


Hearing aids and accessories are being given for a tryout period. Oticon's inside-the-ear hearing aids are manufactured in Medton Company by professional and skilled team and under ISO 9007-2000 standards.


All the BTE instrument series are under the IP57 standards, water and dust resistant.


For the first time the production of inside-the-ear hearing aids is made personally, for each ear's measurments, with a digital 3D technology for an optimal precision and full customalization.


Medton has about 50 hearing clinics all over Israel where hearing tests are being performed by the team of skilled and qualified audiologists, trained to fit the most advanced hearing aids.


Medton Ltd is an exclusive supplier of the most advanced medical and audiologic diagnostic equipment from Interacoustics.


Medton Ltd is an exclusive importer of the bone anchored hearing aid Ponto, a product by Oticon Medical. Each person will find a solution for his personal needs under one roof: earmoulds, earplugs against water, a large variety of accessories (FM system, wireless amplifier for TV, amplifier for telephone, for phone chime and doorbell, mobile phones system for hearing aids, vibrating alarm clock, drying systems for hearing aids, etc…).


Medton is the importer of Rayovac batteries manufactured in USA, and Duracel batteries, manufactures in Germany – which fit for all hearing aids.


Medton Company has two service laboratories, advanced and full equiped, first in Tel Aviv and second in Haifa.


Medton provides a large variety of hearing aids which enables personal unique fitting for each person. Hearing aids come in all shapes and types, starting from IIC hearing aids (a small instrument, totally hidden in the ear), and CIC hearing aids (hidden in the ear canal) , to ITC hearing aids (inside the ear canal) and ITE hearing aids (inside the ear and the ear canal).


A large variety of hearing aids behind the ear with a miniature speaker inside the ear (Intiga), Mini rite hearing aids and BTE mini – are small instruments behind the ear. Rite and BTE – special hearing aids behind the ear for deep hearing losses.


In addition, special series of hearing aids for children: Safari and Sensei. Oticon hearing aids can be connected to ConnectLine system which allows a Bluetooth connection to other advanced electronic accessories like cellphones, telephones, TV, computer, FM system, music players, computer games, etc.).


Oticon hearing aids combined with ConnectLine system provides hearing impared people the most optimal life quality.

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